DITA-OT Release

DITA Open Toolkit version

DITA-OT was released May 6, 2008. It is a patched version of DITA-OT 1.4.2 which fixes a problem with XHTML generated from the command line for the Eclipse Help System. Users that do not build output for Eclipse will see no difference between this version and the 1.4.2 version; users that build their output from within an Eclipse environment are also unaffected.

Release comes in three versions:

  1. The "Minimal" package contains only the core processing code.
  2. The "Standard" package contains the core processing code, plus demos, documentation, and samples.
  3. The "Full easy install" package contains the standard package plus external libraries useful for many toolkit processes (such as Xalan and ANT), plus a batch file to setup a local environment. In DITA-OT 1.4.1 this was known as the full version; in release 1.5 this package will complete the transition to the name "easy install".

More information on packaging is available at DITA-OT Packages.

In addition to the updates included in the DITA-OT 1.4.2 Release, version contains the following fix:

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