DITA Learning Content SC - Issues

We're currently focused on  our Task 1 review of structured designs for learning and how to apply DITA principles and best practices.

Meetings so far:

  1. Reviewed learning specialization used in IBM for DB2 course content
  2. Reviewed CISCO RLO/RIO model and updates to it (2 meetings)
  3. Studied SCORM model for web-based learning environments
  4. Proposal to review Gagne learning events model. Also mention of scenarios as a way to select and organize learning content.

Topics for meeting on 19 October 2006:

  • Discuss Gagne learning events model and relationship to RLO model (led by Wayne Gafford)
  • Scenarios (led by France Baril)

Topics for meeting on 26 October 2006:

  • Do we have general consensus on a top-level model?
  • Can we state an initial set of information types for RIOs and structures for organizing them?
  • Can we prioritize processing and deliverable targets (such as ILT, web, e-learning,  SCORM) ?
  • Can we develop an action plan for making decisions about SCORM, navigation/sequencing, and QTI interactions?

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