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Links Broken

Why are all the links broken?....

I was trying to read some case studies about DITA but none of the links are working.

XMetaL check in vs case

I have an <xref> element whose href attribute is automatically turned to ALL CAPITALS when it's checked in.

How do I stop this happening? I need to preserve the case I entered or links don't work.


How do I add a summary or title attribute for simpletable or choicetable elements?

Our documentation requires HTML table tags to include summaries or title attributes for accessibility requirements, but I haven't been able to find an existing attribute that I use for this purpose. We are only using simpletable and choicetable. How have you addressed accessibility needs for tables in your documentation?

Sample DITA end-user documentation?


I am a student in the Technical Communication program at Red River College in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As part of my graduation project,

I am exploring the prospect of using DITA to design an end-user guide to develop a web application for a cancer treatment centre in the province. Does anyone have a link to any substantial documentation samples that were designed using the DITA architecture? I was hoping to find.pdfs or Windows Help Files. 

Must appreciated.

Does DITA work well for technical support documents?

Hello group, forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong location. Not sure where this would belong.

I am a student enrolled in the Technical and Professional Writing program at San Francisco State and am writing a white paper about DITA.

The goal of my paper is to determine whether using DITA to create technical support documents is a successful solution and to what degree (i.e. some content works better than other content, pros vs. cons, etc.).

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