Inmedius joins OASIS to advance DITA

OASIS is pleased to announce that Inmedius® has become the newest Sponsor-level member of the open standards consortium. Inmedius provides lifecycle solutions to aerospace, defense and technical publication organizations worldwide. The company delivers performance-oriented applications that capture, create, manage and deploy technical information assets. Inmedius integrates information assets within business processes using state-of-the-art workflow and collaborative techniques. 

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Michael Priestley - Information Architecture - a third tutorial from DITA Users

There are now three Priestley  tutorials, approximately one hour each, recorded originally with support from PTC in 2005.

They are now Flash videos with a table of contents recorded and edited in Camtasia Studio 4.

  • An Introduction to DITA
  • Authoring DITA
  • Information Architecture

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    Michael Priestley - Authoring DITA - another DITA Users Tutorial

    Michael presents a tutorial based on the work of Dennis Bockus. Just over one hour, with a navigable table of contents.



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    Michael Priestley - Introduction to DITA - edited as a DITA Users tutorial

    Michael's one-hour tutorial is now a Camtasia Flash movie with a table of contents to navigate it..

    You will find it in the Basics collection of Tutorials on DITA

    Bob Doyle

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