DITA and Content Management with Steve Wiseman

Making the best decision for your documentation needs should be based on business considerations, not just the appeal of XML-based Content Management. XML is exciting; DITA is the hottest technique to use for Content Management, but is it really what you need in your documentation? Steve Wiseman of WritePoint took all of what Alex Masycheff said and turned it on its head.

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The service orientation of … everything

...One interesting SOA trend that has emerged outside of the traditional application development domain is the service orientation of content—transforming monolithic documents into topic-oriented chunks that can be composed to create new documents and deliverables. DITA was conceived as a model for improving the reuse of content assets by turning them into well defined topic-oriented components.

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DITA Newsletter 1.8

DITA Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 8, March, 2008


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KMWorld Magazine Lists® in the “100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management” for Second Consecutive Year

March 4, 2007 – Bedford, NH – ( today announced that KMWorld Magazine, a leading publisher for the e-content industry, has once again recognized them as one of the “100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management” for 2008. This is the second consecutive year that has received this prestigious award, which is compiled by knowledge management practitioners, theorists, analysts, vendors and their customers and colleagues.

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DITA and wiki hybrids - they’re here

Lisa Dyer and Alan Porter presented at last week’s DITA Central Texas User Group meeting, and both told tales of end-user doc written and sourced in DITA, with wikitext in mind as an output. About 20 people attended and we all enjoyed the show. I wanted to post my notes to follow up, and I’ll post a link to slide shows as well.

This post covers Lisa Dyer’s presentation on a wiki sourced with DITA topics. I’ll write another post to cover Alan’s presentation.

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