Author-it introduces first content management system with authoring memory

New Author-it Xtend™ Feature Gives Companies the Fastest, Most Powerful ToolFor Reuse of Information; Dollar Savings, Message Consistency Will Result
AUCKLAND, New Zealand – November 2007--Author-it Software Corporation, a world leader in software for authoring, content management, publishing, and localization, today announced the introduction of Author-it 5.0, the first content management system to include interactive authoring memory. This memory product feature will be known as Author-it Xtend™.

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OASIS members propose 'DITA for Enterprise Business Documents' Subcommittee

Members of the OASIS Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) TC have published a proposal for a Subcommittee focusing on 'Enterprise Business Documents'. The proposal document presents a brief discussion of the increasing usage of DITA for a broad range of narrative business documents that has led to a proposal for a DITA Enterprise Business Documents Subcommittee. It includes preliminary goals of the committee, and a discussion of the rationale for each goal.

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DITA Troubleshooting specialization is now available

The DITA Troubleshooting specialization is now available as a plug-in to the DITA Open Toolkit. The Troubleshooting specialization creates a new topic type that is well-suited for problem-solution information. This topic type is based on the generic DITA topic type, and is based on the OASIS DITA standard. The Troubleshooting specialization should be placed in the \plugins directory of the Open Toolkit. You should run ant -f integrator.xml on the command line from the toolkit root directory after unzipping the package. This will properly "integrate" the package.

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Amber Swope on Bookmaps

At the October meeting of the Boston DITA Users Group (held last Thursday evening at the DocTrain East 2007 Conference), Amber Swope of JustSystems reported on the Bookmap specialization in DITA 1.1.

You can find a one-hour Flash movie of Amber's presentation at

We had some technical difficulty and Amber had to speak for the first several minutes without her slides.

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Inmedius® Enters DITA-Based Software Market with Acquisition of DITA Storm™

Pittsburgh, PA – October 16, 2007  Inmedius, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of LogPerspective’s DITA Storm, a full-featured DITA editing tool that enables authors to easily create DITA-compliant content in WYSIWYG mode regardless of their DITA XML knowledge.  The editing environment is 100% browser-based, requiring no timely or costly client installations or updates, and is completely customizable for a superior DITA user experience.   

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