Amber Swope on Bookmaps

At the October meeting of the Boston DITA Users Group (held last Thursday evening at the DocTrain East 2007 Conference), Amber Swope of JustSystems reported on the Bookmap specialization in DITA 1.1.

You can find a one-hour Flash movie of Amber's presentation at

We had some technical difficulty and Amber had to speak for the first several minutes without her slides.

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Inmedius® Enters DITA-Based Software Market with Acquisition of DITA Storm™

Pittsburgh, PA – October 16, 2007  Inmedius, Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of LogPerspective’s DITA Storm, a full-featured DITA editing tool that enables authors to easily create DITA-compliant content in WYSIWYG mode regardless of their DITA XML knowledge.  The editing environment is 100% browser-based, requiring no timely or costly client installations or updates, and is completely customizable for a superior DITA user experience.   

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Inmedius joins OASIS to advance DITA

OASIS is pleased to announce that Inmedius® has become the newest Sponsor-level member of the open standards consortium. Inmedius provides lifecycle solutions to aerospace, defense and technical publication organizations worldwide. The company delivers performance-oriented applications that capture, create, manage and deploy technical information assets. Inmedius integrates information assets within business processes using state-of-the-art workflow and collaborative techniques. 

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Michael Priestley - Information Architecture - a third tutorial from DITA Users

There are now three Priestley  tutorials, approximately one hour each, recorded originally with support from PTC in 2005.

They are now Flash videos with a table of contents recorded and edited in Camtasia Studio 4.

  • An Introduction to DITA
  • Authoring DITA
  • Information Architecture

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