CIDM's Publishing Practices and Information Management Techniques Survey

The Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM) announces the launch of its newest survey: Publishing Practices and Information Management Techniques.

The survey should take only 5-10 minutes of your time.

Begin by clicking this link:

Please take the time today to complete the survey, as it will close on April 11, 2008.

We will make the results available on the CIDM website:

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Inmedius® DITA Storm™ Developer v2.0 Released

Inmedius® DITA StormDeveloper v2.0 Released

Web-Based, Embeddable XML Editor Integrates into Virtually Any Web Application or CMS


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Evaluation Guide for DITA OT

Let me first start off by thanking the
folks who read my post last week. It was heartening to see more than 290
“reads”. I decided to follow up with something more concrete this week. As I
mentioned earlier, the DITA OT User Guide is a treasure trove of information
and I am merely trying to reorganize the DITA topics in the guide into smaller
and usable chunks of information. While some of these chunks might end up as
guides, the others might end up as articles, FAQs, etc. To illustrate this. I
have begun work on an Evaluation Guide for MS Windows users.

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Amber Swope Brings Documents to Life

In a blog for Content Convergence & Integration 2008, Emma Lauder writes, "I was able to sit in on Amber Swope's presentation regarding XML and DITA technologies. Amber is a Principal Consultant at Just Systems Inc. Where was Amber a few years back when I was new to the idea of XML? Her concise and clear explanation of this language was awesome, as was her one-minute summary of DITA. I know from some people I sat with, that she really helped to clarify some of these technologies.

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X-Pubs Kicks Off 2008 DITA and CMS Webinar Series

X-Pubs are delighted to announce our annual webinar series re-starting for 2008!

Each year leading up to and following the X-Pubs Annual Conference (June 22-24th) we run a series of educational webinars on DITA, Component CMS, XML and related technologies.

This year's conference is all about XML and the Customer Experience - how can we use DITA, Web 2.0 and advanced delivery methods to do something not only for ourselves, but the actual clients?

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