DITA Newsletter 1.1

DITA Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 1, August, 2007
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XyEnterprise Releases Contenta DITA Version 1.4

XyEnterprise, a developer of award-winning XML content management and multi-channel delivery solutions, announced the release of Contenta DITA 1.4 supporting the next generation of DITA-based content management software.

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Adobe Delivers Major Upgrade to FrameMaker with DITA, 3D, Flash and Unicode Support

Stefan Offermann
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Jody Farrar
A&R Edelman




Adobe Delivers Major Upgrade to FrameMaker




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A DITA Newsletter and website -

DITA News is a new website that will offer a monthly newsletter, blog aggregation, and a press release mailing list service. It's at .   DITA News is modelled on two of my CMS (content management) efforts:
  • the CMS-PR mailing list, which I set up for a conference on open-source content management (OSCOM) that I helped organize at Harvard in 2003,
  • the CMS News website, which has been aggregating bloggers for years.  ( )

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DITA Version 1.1 Submitted to OASIS Members for Approval as a Standard

Members of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee have released an approved Committee Specification of the DITA 1.1 specification for consideration as an OASIS Standard. Statements of use have been provided by IBM, JustSystems (XMetaL), Flatirons Solutions, PTC-Arbortext, and Comtech Services, Inc. 

Version 1.1 of DITA is made up of four distinct units: an architectural specification, a language specification, and the DTD and Schema implementations of the language. Additional functionality in DITA 1.1:

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