Michael Priestley - Authoring DITA - another DITA Users Tutorial

Michael presents a tutorial based on the work of Dennis Bockus. Just over one hour, with a navigable table of contents.



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Michael Priestley - Introduction to DITA - edited as a DITA Users tutorial

Michael's one-hour tutorial is now a Camtasia Flash movie with a table of contents to navigate it..

You will find it in the Basics collection of Tutorials on DITA

Bob Doyle

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Isilon Systems Selects IXIASOFT to Develop a DITA-based Knowledge Center Portal

Montreal, Canada – October 4th 2007 – IXIASOFT, the XML content management market leader, announced today that Isilon® Systems, the leader in clustered storage, has chosen IXIASOFT to develop its DITA-based Knowledge Center Portal.  The Isilon Knowledge Center portal will provide customers a single access point for help information, reference information, knowledgebase articles, and product downloads. 

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New IXIASOFT DITA CMS Framework 1.4: enhanced work efficiency, collaboration and usability

The latest version of IXIASOFT’s content management solution optimizes DITA map manipulation and enhances revewing features
Montreal, Canada – October 4th 2007 – IXIASOFT, the XML content management market leader, today announced the availability of the DITA CMS Framework 1.4. With its new capabilities, the DITA CMS Framework provides technical communicators enhanced content management features enabling them to be more productive and flexible in the manipulation of their DITA content.

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Improving the Customer Experience with DITA

We've all experienced the thrill of acquiring a new product only to have it diminished when it's not as easy to use as expected. You rip open the box ready to start playing with your new gizmo and 20 minutes later you're stuck on the phone with tech support because the instruction book was incomprehensible.

Obviously this experience negatively impacts the likelihood of you purchasing from this vendor again or recommending the product to a friend or colleague.

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