IXIASOFT announces the availability of DITA CMS Framework v2.1

The latest version of IXIASOFT’s content management solution features new project management capabilities and an enhanced map editor for DITA bookmaps 

Montreal, Canada – April 7th 2008 – IXIASOFT, the XML content management market leader, today announced the availability of the DITA CMS Framework 2.1. With its new capabilities, the DITA CMS Framework fully supports DITA 1.1, provides technical communicators with advanced project management features and WYSIWYG support for DITA bookmaps. 

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Sybase Selects IXIASOFT’s DITA Content Management Solution to Manage Technical Documentation

Solution chosen to support DITA-based technical documentation process

Montreal, Canada – April 7th, 2008 – IXIASOFT, the XML content management market leader, announced today that Sybase, Inc., the largest enterprise software and services company exclusively focused on managing and mobilizing information, has chosen IXIASOFT’s DITA CMS Framework solution to author, manage and publish its DITA-based technical documentation.

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DITA Newsletter 1.9

DITA Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 9, April, 2008

Features in this issue

(see the web version at

  • DITA Adoption Growth Rate
  • DITA Conferences - Discounts and Free Tickets
  • Justsystems Documents as Applications
  • Leximation DITA-FMx 1.0 in Public Beta
  • Inmedius DITA Storm Developer 2.0
  • Syntext Serna WYSIWYG XML Editor 3.6

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CIDM's Publishing Practices and Information Management Techniques Survey

The Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM) announces the launch of its newest survey: Publishing Practices and Information Management Techniques.

The survey should take only 5-10 minutes of your time.

Begin by clicking this link:

Please take the time today to complete the survey, as it will close on April 11, 2008.

We will make the results available on the CIDM website:

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Inmedius® DITA Storm™ Developer v2.0 Released

Inmedius® DITA StormDeveloper v2.0 Released

Web-Based, Embeddable XML Editor Integrates into Virtually Any Web Application or CMS


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