Codex Systems announces release of Codex DITA editor for non-technical authors

TORONTO, Canada — April 5, 2011

Codex Systems today announced the release of Codex®, a new type of editor that enables anyone to author XML-based DITA content easily and affordably. With Codex non-technical authors can create and edit simple DITA topics and maps that can then be used in sophisticated XML publishing processes.

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Are you using DITA or evaluating DITA? And your company operates in the machine industry?

Consider joining the DITA Machine Industry group on LinkedIn. Then you can discuss what you are missing in the DITA 1.2 standard "out-of-the-box", including the new machine industry specialization, and what you need to make DITA applicable to your business in the machine industry.

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Job: DITA Architect at NetApp (Sunnyvale, RTP, Waltham, Pittsburgh, Vancouver)

We're looking for a DITA XML architect to help guide us through our next 5 years of working in DITA. We've been in DITA for a number of years now, and need someone to take over the role of "department DITA expert".

Job location is any one of our North American development centers: Sunnyvale, RTP, Waltham, Pittsburgh, or Vancouver BC.

Please have candidates contact:

ann.livingood2 @

Thanks! James

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Bluestream Announces Strategic Partnership with SyncRO Soft in order to deliver a better and a more affordable end-to-end DITA

Now, XDocs Has Tight Integration with oXygen XML Editor and oXygen XML Author

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Job: European (Mainly UK) DITA / CMS Contractors and Consultants Needed

Over the past 4 months we have seen a growing interest in DITA and CMS projects in the UK.

Consequently we are looking to increase available contract resources to meet increasing demand for DITA training and various types of consultancy relating to XML.

If you or your company offer services in the following areas and would be happy to work alongside the growing Mekon team of specialists then please drop me an email offline.

Areas required include:

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