IXIASOFT Announces SAP’s Deployment of IXIASOFT DITA CMS for Technical Communications Management

DITA CMS will provide SAP with innovative CCMS solution

to support its DITA content strategy


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Stilo DITA Knowledge Series [ARTICLE]: Converting to DITA – mastering the task

Written by Jacquie Samuels, Writing Wise

Article abstract:

Adopting DITA means you need to make a switch from document or chapter-based writing to topic-based writing. For writers being exposed to DITA for the first time, this shift in thinking and writing tends to be the hardest part of the transition.

At the core of topic-based writing is the DITA task. Master the task and you start mastering DITA content (or any topic-based content).

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Stilo extends Migrate functionality with new DocBook to DITA conversion capability

March 27, 2013, Swindon, United Kingdom – Stilo International (LSE:STL) today announced that it has extended the range of conversion options for its cloud XML content conversion service, Migrate, adding support for documents authored in DocBook.

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XMLmind DITA Converter v2.4

New output formats: XHTML 5, Web Help containing XHTML 5,
EPUB 3, possibly containing rich media.

A new chapter of the manual, "Rich media content",,
explains how to add SVG, MathML, audio, video, Flash animations and
actions (e.g. click some text to play a sound) to your
DITA topics. This chapter also explains how XMLmind DITA Converter
processes this rich media content depending on whether it is
supported by the output format.

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DITA 1.2 Specification available online using SuiteHelp

The DITA 1.2 Specification is now available online in WebHelp format using SuiteHelp. 

This is a useful online resource, as it includes advanced search capability (phrase search, fuzzy search, prefix, NEAR, Boolean, etc.) and also showcases a mobile-friendly platform to publish DITA XML with or without the DITA Toolkit.  

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