*instinctools Introduces New Version Control and Branching System for DITAworks CMS

DITAworks Webtop and DITAworks Cloud have introduced new features, the main ones being version control, branch and baseline management and history revision management. Other than these, a number of smaller features and improvements have also been introduced.

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[ARTICLE] 2014 Stilo DITA Knowledge Series: Overcoming writer resistance to DITA adoption

Read the next article in the 2014 Stilo DITA Knowledge Series which comprises a range of webinars and articles intended to help improve participants understanding of DITA and the Migrate cloud conversion service.

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Stilo extends Migrate functionality with support for the DITA Learning and Training Content Specialization

May 29, 2014, Swindon, United Kingdom – Stilo International (LSE:STL) today announced that it has extended the range of conversion options for its cloud XML content conversion service, Migrate, to include support for the DITA Learning and Training Content (L&TC) Specialization.

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Suite Solutions Announces Release of SuiteHelp 3.2

NEW YORK, NY and JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – April 29, 2014 – Suite Solutions, a leader in dynamic content delivery, today announced the release SuiteHelp 3.2, the latest version of Suite Solutions’ advanced web help platform. The new version of SuiteHelp strengthens its already established reputation as an enterprise-class, “industrial strength” solution.

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[ARTICLE] 2014 Stilo DITA Knowledge Series: DITA reuse and conversion together

When you are considering converting content from Word or unstructured FrameMaker (or other unstructured formats) into DITA, one of the things you want to consider before you start converting is your reuse strategy.

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