Spyker Cars signs 5-year contract with DocZone.com

DocZone.com™ Announces 5-Year ASP Contract with Spyker Cars

Spyker Cars signs 5-year contract with DocZone.com

Heemstede, the Netherlands – DocZone.com (www.doczone.com) today announced the sale of a 5-year ASP contract to Spyker Cars. Under the terms of the service agreement, Spyker Cars will use the DocZone DITA-based content management and publishing platform to manage the creation, localisation, and publishing of automotive manuals for Spyker vehicles.

Victor Muller, CEO of Spyker, commented: “Spyker Cars is associated with a unique level of excellence in our products. After careful evaluation of a number of content management vendors, we concluded that DocZone.com was the best choice to meet our demanding standards for quality and affordability.”

Frank ter Reehorst, Managing Director of DocZone.com Europe, added: “We are very enthusiastic about the opportunity to partner with Spyker Cars. We are pleased to be selected by a company that is so closely associated with quality and excellence, and we look forward to a long-term relationship with Spyker and help them to maintain these standards in their documentation.”

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