WOLFF & Associates, LLC. (DITA/XML/CMS Consulting)

WOLFF & Associates is a consulting firm dedicated to providing expertise in DITA and DITA applications for technical information design, reuse and single sourcing.

We provide the expertise to implement DITA, including;

  • DITA training
  • ROI analysis
  • business transformation planning
  • audience analysis
  • task analysis
  • metadata planning
  • information modeling
  • format analysis
  • DITA specialization
  • DTD development
  • XSL-FO or Styler development
  • Requirements planning and selection for Content Management

We focus our services on transitioning organizations to DITA. We provide a comprehensive approach to designing topic based information and selecting the best applications to author, manage and deliver your publications. We can help you to redesign your processes and publications to be low cost, customer focused, and consistent.

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