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Products provides a central location for providers to describe available tools that support DITA. Users are invited to share experiences using the "add new comment" link that appears at the bottom of each listing.

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Xeditor, the web-based XML editor

Xeditor promises easy, intuitive and
economic creation of structured content. Authors do not need any knowledge of
XML to edit XML documents.With XML you have the data format of the future
ensuring content re-use and process automation. Xeditor offers a high-end
architecture with numerous connectors for a seamless integration into your
system environment.The editor offers
support not only for DITA but for also other XML standards like PI-Mod and many

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XMetaL Author DITA Edition

XMetaL Author DITA Edition is the industry's first solution built exclusively for authoring DITA content. It combines all the powerful and productive features of XMetaL Author with new DITA-specific capabilities, including visual map editing, intuitive editing behaviors for DITA elements, drag-and-drop content references, and out-of-the-box integration with the DITA Open Toolkit for single-source publishing. (integration with content management systems; integration with DITA Open Toolkit; comprehensive DITA support.)

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XMLmind XML Editor

XMLmind XML Editor allows to edit large, complex, modular, XML documents. It makes it easy mastering XML vocabularies such as DocBook or DITA. (More info.)

As you can see it in the screen shot below, XMLmind XML Editor is not a tool for programmers. Its users are generally technical writers.

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XyEnterprise’s Content@ DITA solution provides a ready made environment for authors, editors, reviewers, translators, and managers to fully leverage a DITA-based workflow. The topic-oriented approach in DITA synergistically combines with Content@’s object-oriented, scalable architecture to provide automated workflow, content reuse and sharing, managed review, content translation, and multi-channel delivery in a wide variety of formats. Our DITA solution supports organizations in creating and delivering high quality, reliable content more efficiently and cost effectively.

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XyEnterprise Contenta DITA

The XyEnterprise Contenta DITA Solution enables authors, editors, reviewers, translators and managers to automate workflow, re-use and share content, manage review cycles and translation, and publish to multiple channels.  Seamless integration with the DITA Open Toolkit provides single source publishing to print, PDF, Help, Web and CD-ROM.  Along with XyEnterprise’s suite of XML solutions, Contenta DITA was developed on an open architecture that ensures maximum scalability and investment preservation.



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