1st choice for DITA authoring and content management with Agile PLM: `XPLM Publisher´

XPLM Publisher is an innovative authoring solution and Component Content Management System (CCMS), built to create professional product documentation.

The solution is based on the oXygen XML editor and integrates it with the Oracle Agile PLM system. This provides a perfect union of product development and product documentation.

Especially customers with an existing Agile PLM system can benefit the most out of this combination. No additional Content Management Systems need to be installed and adopted to the existing IT landscape.

  • No additional CMS is needed
  • Company-wide use of standardized processes
  • Development data and product documentation are all in one system

 Main features

  • PLM-supported content management
  • Topic-based, structured authoring with DITA
  • Built-in translation control
  • Single-source publishing
  • Easy to use XML editor (oXygen)
  • Flexible adjustable user interface

Why using XPLM Publisher

  • Establish one platform for product development and product documentation.
  • Combine content management with Oracle Agile PLM’s workflow functionality.
  • Reuse existing content objects and product data in more useful ways.
  • Benefit directly from standardized documentation technologies.
  • Enhance information exchange between engineering and product documentation.

Learn more about XPLM Publisher

Product video
System demonstration


Email: info@xplm.com
Phone (USA): +1 508 753-7500
Phone (GER): +49 351 82658-0

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