*instinctools: DITAWorks - DITA CMS for Enterprise Content Solutions


DITAWorks product line provides is an enterprise-grade DITA CMS.  It helps to reduce effort in creation and translation of content, decreases time-to-market and helps to improve quality of your content.

  • DITAworks Webtop provides integrated support for web-based authoring, reviewing, translating and publishing processes of DITA content out-of-the-box. Varieties of integrated tools address all of DITA-related challenges.
  • DITAWorks Cloud is a SAAS version of DITAworks that enables usage of most of DITAworks features on pay-as-you-go basis .
  • DITAWorks Model includes visual tooling for DITA Specializations and model management. All authoring tools are model-driven and specialization-aware.
Key features include:

  • Content authoring with integrated oXygen editor
  • Advanced DITA Map editor
  • Version control
  • Link management
  • Content validation and error reporting
  • Advanced search & retrieval
  • Review management
  • Workflow management
  • Task management
  • Localization support
  • Translation export/import
  • Multi-format publishing


More details on the product website www.ditaworks.com

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