Acolada: Sirius CMS

Sirius DITA is an XML content management system. It brings together in one application the proven Sirius CMS technology and the DITA standard. Sirius DITA is scalable and ready-to-use solution for all beginners in DITA documentation as well as for all those who you want to a professional DITA based solution.

Sirius DITA allows you to fully explore the potentials of the DITA standards. Sirius DITA takes over:

  • the management of your DITA modules
  • the compilation of DITA modules to publications
  • all integration and communication with DITA based tools
  • the full cross media publishing process
  • the translation management and multilingual management of your DITA modules

 You can even choose between different standard XML editors like PTC Arbortext-Editor, Justsystems XMetaL, Adobe FrameMaker or Oxygen. For the publishing process can you choose Adobe FrameMaker or FO process with Antenna House Formater or RenderX. A integration to Adobe Indesign is available as well.

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