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Astoria's XML content management solutions support the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) standard; DITA promotes content reuse and sharing and exchangability, as well as process automation. Astoria offers element level control and reuse, maximizing the benefits organizations can achieve by implementing the DITA standard.

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Arbortext Editor

Arbortext Editor looks and works like familiar word processing software–yet provides all the power and flexibility you need. Arbortext Editor lets authors build compound documents out of reusable components, attach audience information to content for producing customized publications, and embed data from databases, business systems and other data sources. Authors can use Arbortext Editor to author business, technical and reference documents.

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Altova XMLSpy

Altova XMLSpy® 2006 is the industry standard XML development environment for modeling, editing, debugging, and transforming all XML technologies, then automatically generating runtime code in multiple programming languages. XMLSpy® 2006 is the ultimate productivity enhancer for J2EE, .NET, Eclipse, and database developers that need the latest XML, Web services, and database technologies.

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Comtech Services, Inc.

As you should expect, Comtech Services has used DITA to create the Introduction to DITA: A Basic User Guide as a print publication. Each lesson in the tutorial begins with a concept topic. The tutorial lesson itself is a task topic, and the list of elements used in the lesson is a reference topic. Topics are referenced in section-level maps, which in turn are organized in a book-level map.

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"Nokia is pleased to see the standardization of DITA since it supports the effective exchange and reuse of information. We have contributed to developing an open standard in this area since this will enable organization of information by topic for a broad community."

Frederick Hirsch, Senior Architect

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