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Back to DITA?

In his OneManWrites blog, Gordon McLean writes, "I think the DITA standard is an excellent one for software documentation and the DITA movement is slowly catching up to the hype. I’ve never given up on DITA and had always planned to use it as the basis for the next stage of our content development, and as it happens the switch to a full DITA/CMS based solution may be closer than I had anticipated.

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The Content Wrangler Community - A Social Network for Content Pros

The Content Wrangler Community is the new social network dedicated to people who value content as a business asset, worthy of being effectively managed. This is the place where technical communicators, medical and science writers, marketing pros, online community managers, document engineers, DITA gurus, information architects, localization and translation pros, taxonomists, bloggers, documentation and training managers, and content creators of all types hang out. It's much more than a blog.

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Three DITA Groups on New Social Network for Content Pros

I've started a new social network for content professionals, The Content Wrangler Community. It's a place where technical, science, medical and marketing writers, editors, information architects, translators, indexers, content managers, taxonomists, and information technology professionals of all flavors can find and share information.

The network already boasts nearly 600 members (in just 2 days) who have started groups including:

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DITA and Topic Maps: Bringing the Pieces Together

Oslo, Norway
3 Apr 2008 - 15:00 - 15:30
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Audience and Task Analysis for DITA OT

The DITA OT user guide (authored by Dick Johnson and Anna van Raaphorst) is an excellent reference and has tons of useful information. It's one of the best references on the DITA OT. Sometimes, however, I feel that it's sheer size is a challenge for users, especially first-timers. We as a community need to help improve the existing DITA OT documentation by making it more user-friendly. Both Anna and Dick are busy and I have volunteered to reorganize the user guide and possibly break it down into smaller ones targeted by specific audience groups.

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