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Bob Doyle

5-minute DITA Tutorial

I have produced a Flash tutorial that explains DITA topics, concept, task, and reference specializations, and DITA maps.


I am also working on Flash tutorials that explain the DITA Users website and toolset, including the DITA Manager for each member's workspace folder.


Critical comments appreciated. This is a work in progress.

Content Convergence and Integration 2008

Vancouver, BC
12 Mar 2008 - 08:00 - 14 Mar 2008 - 18:00
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GCN: Reusable XML

IBM and software vendor JustSystems plan to announce on Tuesday the availability of a methodology that allows organizations to break up huge Extensible Markup Language documents into reusable pieces. The DITA Maturity Model, co-authored by IBM and JustSystems, is the first step-by-step process for implementing DITA, officials from the companies said. DITA is an XML Document Type Definition that can be used to mark up different sections of documents so they can easily be found later and reused in other documents.

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Self on Help


In earlier musings about full-text search, I wondered whether the lack of full-text search (FTS) in the standard DITA OT XHTML outputs was restrictive. Bob Doyle pointed out that Eclipse Help InfoCenters provide FTS, and that led to some further wonderings about the complexity of Eclipse Help installations. I've since noticed some DITA users have come up with some ingenius workarounds so that DITA content can be turned into beautiful "WebHelp" output just like that produced by HTML-based Help Authoring Tools.

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10 DITA Resource Lists

DITA News. About 30 places to go for news about DITA.

DITA World. A comprehensive list of DITA websites.

DITA Websites. 20 of the important websites covering DITA today.

DITA Webinars. 11 recorded Webinars on DITA.

DITA Mailing Lists. 6 mailing lists with frequent mentions of DITA.

DITA Publications. 37 publications and a link to a few dozen great presentations on DITA.

DITA Communities. 11 communities, mostly in North America so far.

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