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Using DITA for Eclipse Infocenters and Projects

Eric Sirois, of IBM, presentation to the Central Texas DITA Users Group. This was an extremely valuable session for anyone considering using DITA to consolidate corporate information on a centralized web site, or for delivering component-based information.

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Using DITA For Narrative Documents

I have posted some thoughts on using DITA for narrative documents on the Really Strategies blog: http://blog.reallysi.com/2008/01/dita-applicatio.html

The executive summary is:

By ignoring the existence of the <section> element you quickly realize that nested topics can be used just fine to represent narrative documents with arbitrarily deep nesting of divisions. This potentially opens up a whole class of documents of particular interest to Publishers that might otherwise not seem to be good candidates for ditification.


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Migrating legacy content

Advice for preparing unstructured documents for conversion:

Label all headings intended for topics with styles that indicate the intended topic type.

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X-Pubs Conference 2008

London, UK
23 Jun 2008 - 08:00 - 25 Jun 2008 - 18:00
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Keeping DITA simple

DITA OpenToolkit Web GUI

When thinking in terms of technical writing, one might at times confuse the people involved with documenting the software with those actually writing it.

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