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Stem sentences

Stem sentences in technical communication have long been considered a standard practice to introduce new content, especially steps in a task. The task stem sentence, generally consisting of a partial sentence such as “To start the machine:” is not supported by any explicit DITA element in the DITA Task information type.

The question is: Should DITA include a stem sentence element in the Task information type?

[By the way, that was a stem sentence.]

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About Processing

Hello, I have created a dita file with ditamap, 2 topics and a concept. All is validated well; point is how shall I see the output; I use xmetal 5 open the ditamap there add files and then build output into chm. Thanks In Advance


Writing First DITA Topic

Hello, I am using Oxygen Xml editor to write Dita files. I have started writing a new chapter from a book and I have written a dita topic first. how would I be able to view it in the internet explorer or in any other output as a final outcome. Also I would be glad if I can be with some good techniques. Thanks In Advance

Inmedius® DITA Storm™ Developer v2.0 Released

Inmedius® DITA StormDeveloper v2.0 Released

Web-Based, Embeddable XML Editor Integrates into Virtually Any Web Application or CMS


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Get Ready for DITA: Bypass Four Costly Roadblocks

A white paper by Innodata Isogen -- Get Ready for DITA: Bypass Four Costly Roadblocks -- describes how companies can adopt DITA by first overcoming four roadblocks that could cause delays and cost overruns that ultimately offset the overall benefits of the implementation.

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