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Basic DITA Users Membership Now Free

It is now one year since we started developing the DITA Users member organization.

We wish you a Happy New Year for 2008! To celebrate we are restoring free memberships in DITA Users!

Since we started charging for new memberships, member growth has slowed. We have added only about 30 new members since October 1, 2007. While we think the annual fee is small considering the benefits, it is obviously not small enough.

When DITA Users Beta membership was free, we grew quickly to nearly 400 members (from 24 countries).

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SiberSafe XML CMS Now Available On-Demand - Low Monthly Cost; No Risk

SiberLogic, a leading provider of XML content technology, today announces SiberSafe On-Demand, a hosted service delivering rich online XML content management functionality at a low monthly cost, with no risk.  

SiberSafe On-Demand delivers SiberSafe XML CMS as an ASP service via high speed internet access to a hosted server in a fully secure data center.  DTD choices include DITA, DocBook, or MIL-STD 2361, complete with sample templates and stylesheets.

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Self on Help

Context Sensitivity

I have been giving some thought to the ways in which Help may be invoked by a software application. The ways I could think of were:

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The DITA Caper

Converting FrameMaker content to DITA (brief)

FrameMaker 8 includes DITA support, and works well for creating new content.  Converting existing FrameMaker content poses a few challenges.  One of these challenges, converting FrameMaker cross references to Structured FrameMaker cross reference elements, is addressed herein.

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Free White Paper: Extreme DITA - Leveraging Extensibility to Deliver Solutions

This paper presents some of the implementation experiences that Stilo has had with DITA over the last couple of years. What emerges from this review is a ringing endorsement of DITA as a fundamentally effective way to approach the most common, and frequently most exasperating, challenges associated with projects mandated with modernizing how documentation is created, managed and published. Three cases are included in this paper:

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