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News lets the community share announcements, press releases, and recommended news articles relevant to DITA. (Educational materials that are not time-sensitive are listed at Articles and white papers.)

XMLmind DITA Converter v2.4

New output formats: XHTML 5, Web Help containing XHTML 5,
EPUB 3, possibly containing rich media.

A new chapter of the manual, "Rich media content",,
explains how to add SVG, MathML, audio, video, Flash animations and
actions (e.g. click some text to play a sound) to your
DITA topics. This chapter also explains how XMLmind DITA Converter
processes this rich media content depending on whether it is
supported by the output format.

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DITA 1.2 Specification available online using SuiteHelp

The DITA 1.2 Specification is now available online in WebHelp format using SuiteHelp. 

This is a useful online resource, as it includes advanced search capability (phrase search, fuzzy search, prefix, NEAR, Boolean, etc.) and also showcases a mobile-friendly platform to publish DITA XML with or without the DITA Toolkit.  

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[ARTICLE] Stilo DITA Knowledge Series. Best practices for authors to consider before converting legacy content to DITA

Read the first article in the Stilo DITA Knowledge Series which comprises a range of webinars, articles and workshops intended to help improve participants understanding of DITA and the Migrate cloud conversion service.

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XDocs version 3.5 delivers on DITA translation promise

December 19, 2012, Vancouver, Canada: Bluestream Database Software Corp.—a provider of DITA-enabled Component Content Management System (CCMS) solutions—announces today the release of XDocs version 3.5. The XDocs CCMS 3.5 offers robust new features including an innovative translation-localization module and a new, flexible, extensive search function.  

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dunnhumby selects the IXIASOFT DITA CMS to manage and dynamically deliver DITA content

The DITA CMS will provide dunnhumby with an innovative CCMS solution and a dynamic delivery platform to support their DITA content strategy


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