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Job -DITA Architect -Palo Alto, CA

Hi All,

This is Tom from Idexcel.



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DITAworks Cloud : Benefit from a complete DITA CMS without investing time and a lot of money

*instinctools is pleased to announce the availability of DITAworks Cloud, a DITA CMS as a Cloud service.

It helps in saving huge investments in time and money to build the CMS infrastructure in-house or to buy an expensive CMS. It counters the problem of procuring budget and personnel to build a competent and comprehensive solution and to always keep it up-to-date.

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[ARTICLE] Stilo DITA Knowledge Series: Getting great DITA conversion results

Welcome to the final article of 2013 in the Stilo DITA Knowledge Series which comprises a range of webinars, workshops and articles intended to help improve participants understanding of DITA and the Migrate cloud conversion service.  Find our more about the series at: www,

This article has been written by Jacquie Samuels, the owner of Writing Wise, a company that focuses on providing end-to-end DITA solutions. 


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[ARTICLE] Stilo DITA Knowledge Series - DITA and graphics: what you need to know

Welcome to the fifth article in the Stilo DITA Knowledge Series which comprises a range of webinars, workshops and articles intended to help improve participants understanding of DITA and the Migrate cloud conversion service. 

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Stilo announces version 3 of Migrate

Advancing the automation of content conversion to DITA and other XML formats

Stilo International (LSE:STL) announces the release of version 3 of Migrate, its world leading cloud XML content conversion service.

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