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XMLmind annonces Release of XMLmind XML Editor V5

XMLmind XML Editor v5 (September 29, 2011):

XMLmind XML Editor v5 aims to be a good tool for authoring highly modular documents: DITA maps, today's DocBook modular books and tomorrow's DocBook 5.1 assemblies, Web sites comprising a large number of XHTML pages, etc.

In order to attain this goal, we have added 3 new interactive tools to XXE: the "Browse Files" tool, the "Search Files" tool and the "Document Set" tool.

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Suite Solutions Announces Release of SuiteHelp

SuiteHelp Ushers in the Next Generation of Online Help

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Reviewing and Contributing to DITA documents has never been easier - XDocs V 3.0

XDocs CCMS Version 3.0 streamlines the review process for even more efficient and productive content creation

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DITA Open Toolkit Webinars: Back to School Special

Take advantage of Suite Solutions webinar series to succeed in generating your own publications using the DITA Open Toolkit. The webinars start at a beginner level and proceed to advanced topics, so you can choose the sessions that best match your needs.

For a limited time, until September 15, 2011, order any 3 webinars and get the 4th free. You can view and review the webinars at any time at your own pace.

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WebWorks ePublisher Officially Supports DITA 1.2

WebWorks' latest version of ePublisher is almost here and will be ready for release in just one week, on August 24.

ePublisher version 2011.2 will officially contain support for the DITA 1.2 standard! 

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