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CIDM Survey: Project Cost Savings for your Content Management Project

The Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM) is sponsoring an important new survey to update the results we wrote about when we last ran this survey in 2010. So--be certain to participate in the 2012 survey of the success and failures of your content management initiative. To read about the 2010 results, see the Best Practices article Predicting Cost Savings.

This survey ends November 12, so be certain to respond as soon as possible. To complete the survey, go to Survey Monkey at

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Varian Medical Systems relies on the IXIASOFT DITA CMS to deliver critical technical documentation

The DITA CMS offers Varian a centralized component content management system to support their global DITA strategy
Montreal, Canada – June 28th 2012 – IXIASOFT, the XML component content management market leader, today announces that Varian Medical Systems, the leading manufacturer of medical devices and software for the treatment of cancer, has deployed the DITA CMS solution to manage their global documentation processes.

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DITA EUROPE Call for Speakers

The Center for Information-Development Management and Dr. JoAnn Hackos announce a call for participation in the upcoming DITA Europe Conference to take place 12-13 November, 2012, in Frankfurt, Germany. If you are interested in presenting at the conference, please complete the form and submit to Lisa Lambert before 1 August, 2012.

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Liquid XML Studio 2012 Now Supports DITA

Following our announcement last month, Liquid Technologies Ltd, are delighted to formally annouce that Liquid XML Studio now supports the OASIS XML Catalogue standard.

For the first time, Liquid Studio now offers support for the OASIS DITA and DocBook, XML data model for authoring and also publishing, providing validation, Intellisense, schema validation and auto complete support for DITA and DocBook documents.

These features were made available in the Service Pack 1 Release of Liquid XML Studio 2012 at the end of May 2012.

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Liquid XML Studio 2012 To Support DITA

Liquid Technologies Ltd, are pleased to announce that we will be supporting the OASIS XML Catalogue standard. This will make it possible to make use of the Liquid XML Studio package along with OASIS specifications that make use of XML Catalogues most notably DITA and DocBooks. This upgrade will be in Liquid XML Studio 2012 Service Pack 1, due for release in May 2012. We will update you as soon as the Service Pack is released.

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