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Review of XMLmind XML Editor 3.5

Tony DaSilva examines the latest version of XMLmind, an affordable and easy-to-use tool for creating DITA and DocBook content, at the WritersUA web site.

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Creating DITA Content in Microsoft Word (Well, Almost): Interview With Michael Boses

In this exclusive interview with, Michael Boses, Chief Technology Officer for Invision Research Corporation, introduces his firm's new suite of DITA authoring and productivity tools designed to help technical communicators to author DITA content naturally in Microsoft Word without struggling with an XML editing environment.

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DITA Pocket Guide: user groups offer

Is your DITA User Group on the lookout for resources to provide to members and meeting attendees?  SiberLogic is providing packs of mail-in order cards for our handy and highly recommended DITA Pocket Guide for distribution at your meetings throughout the year.  The cards are free, the DITA Pocket Guides are free, and shipping (of both cards and guides) is free...  Just email with the quantity you need.



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Comet Communication: DITA Seminar

  • Was ist DITA?
  • Was heißt topicorientierte Modularisierung?
  • Wichtige DITA-Elemente und ihre Anwendungsbereiche
  • Einstieg mit dem DITA Open Toolkit
  • Welche Tools kommen für DITA in Frage?
  • Wie können Sie DITA für Ihren Bedarf anpassen?

      This seminar will help you creating reusable topics and starting with DITA fast.

      January, 30 2007

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New Browser-based DITA Solution: DITA Exchangeâ„¢


Year 2007 marks the solution of the biggest challenge for DITA: How to enable people with little or no XML and DITA knowledge to write DITA Topics and compose DITA Maps.

As of February 1st 2007, it will be possible to extend the number of DITA-writers (content contributors) in your organization.

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