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DITA Expert Keith Schengili-Roberts Joins IXIASOFT

Montreal, Canada, September 16, 2014 – IXIASOFT, a global leader in the component content management systems (CCMS) marketplace, announced today that veteran DITA expert Keith Schengili-Roberts has joined their team as a DITA Information Architect. In his new role, Schengili-Roberts will act as an IXIASOFT evangelist and represent the company within the DITA community.

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[ARTICLE] 2014 Stilo DITA Knowledge Series: DITA and minimalism

Minimalism from a technical writing and training perspective was first investigated and proposed in the late 1970s by John Carroll and colleagues at the IBM Watson Research Center. It has since evolved and been extended by a variety of stakeholders.

The link between DITA and minimalism (the IBM connection notwithstanding) is not exactly carved in stone but the two complement each other like macaroni and cheese. The macaroni (DITA) provides the infrastructure and model that you need to support the cheese sauce (the minimalist content).

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Componize now Offers Advanced Release Management and Branch & Merge

Aix-en-Provence, France – August 5, 2014 – Componize Software has introduced a new r

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Upcoming DITA 1.3 Webinar

Join the OASIS DITA Technical Committee and the OASIS DITA Adoption Committee for a Webinar focusing on DITA 1.3.

We have a panel of speakers -- architects of important new features -- and will leave plenty of time for questions:

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*instinctools Introduces New Version Control and Branching System for DITAworks CMS

DITAworks Webtop and DITAworks Cloud have introduced new features, the main ones being version control, branch and baseline management and history revision management. Other than these, a number of smaller features and improvements have also been introduced.

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