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IXIASOFT Is Now an Official OASIS Sponsor

As OASIS Sponsors, IXIASOFT and its team of DITA experts will have the opportunity to further influence development of the DITA standard, such as the upcoming DITA 1.3 specification. IXIASOFT plans on using this enhanced level of membership to ensure a timely release of their IXIASOFT DITA CMS soon after the new specification is ratified.

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Fischer Computertechnik FCT AG presents its authoring system TIM 4.0 in the editions ONE - TEAM - ENTERPRISE on the occasion of

Fischer Computertechnik FCT AG presents three standardized service packages of the authoring system TIM 4.0 ContentManager, precisely-tailored solutions for the most varied demands for the first time at the tekom annual conference 2014: ONE - TEAM - ENTERPRISE. The aim is to achieve already for small editing departments as well as for an enterprise-wide information management a fast return on investment (ROI).

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Introducing AuthorBridge | Low-cost DITA authoring for the enterprise

AuthorBridge is a new enterprise DITA authoring solution from Stilo that enables SMEs to make browser-based contributions to a CCMS at very low cost.

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Codex 3.1 DITA editor for engineers now available

VICTORIA, Canada — September 25, 2014 — Codex Systems today announced the release of Codex® 3.1, the latest update of their “DITA editor for engineers”, featuring support for bookmaps and several other enhancements. Codex enables engineers and technical writers to seamlessly collaborate on product documentation by providing a fast and easy way for engineers to create and edit DITA topics and maps. 

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Suite Solutions Announces Release of SuiteHelp 3.2.5

NEW YORK, NY and JERUSALEM, ISRAEL – September 22, 2014 – Suite Solutions, a leader in dynamic content delivery, today announced the release of SuiteHelp 3.2.5, the latest version of Suite Solutions’ advanced DITA-based webhelp platform. Strengthening SuiteHelp’s already established reputation as an enterprise-class, “industrial strength” solution, SuiteHelp 3.2.5 adds enhanced support for video and analytics and makes it even easier to re-brand SuiteHelp according to corporate guidelines and preferences without special development skills.

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