STC Intercom Special DITA Issue

The April STC Intercom is all about DITA

It includes the following five articles

DITA Tools from A to Z
DITA's promise of topic-based structured authoring is not merely better documentation. lt is the creation of mission-critical information for your organization, written with a deep understanding of your most important audiences, that can be repurposed to multiple delivery channels and localized for multilingual global markets. By Bob Doyle

DITA and theTechnical Communicator

What qualities characterize those who are thriving in a structured authoring environment? The author set out to unearth the strategies successful writers used not just to work with DITA, but to make the transition to DITA work for them.
By Christine Marini Sigman

Building a DITA-Wiki Hybrid
DITA allows remixing and single sourcing using DITA maps, plus the power of topic-oriented authoring and strong typing of information. Wikis permit real-time collaborative information development with speedy turnarounds and powerful business reporting capabilities. How far have the two technologies advanced in the past few years, and are combinations yet possible?
By Lisa Dyer, Anne Gentle, and Michael Priestley

Tailor-made DITA
A key feature that contributes to DITA's popularity with technical authors is specialization, which can help authors reinforce content modeln by defining the structure of a topic in more detail.The deciding factor in the question of whether to specialize or to use DITA out-of-the-box is the Impact specialization will have on your content and its authors.
By Larissa Sliwinski

DITA in Business
White the technical documentation world has been sold on the benefits of structured documentation for a long time, the business world is just beginning to recognize the benefits of applying structure to content. Recognizing the need for DITA to Support a broader range of content, OASIS has formed the DITA for Enterprise Business Documents Subcommittee.
By Steve Manning

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