Release of AuthorBridge v2.0 from Stilo | web-based XML editor for SMEs

Providing a Guided & Fluid DITA web authoring experience for SMEs from just US$100 per user, per annum


Stilo is pleased to announce a major new release of AuthorBridge, a web authoring tool for subject matter experts that has been developed in close co-operation with the central ID tools team at IBM.

With a beautifully designed user interface, improved CALS table handling, advanced copy & paste support and new review comments feature, AuthorBridge v2.0 can be used by SMEs to easily create and edit DITA topics in a collaborative environment with technical authors.

In addition, AuthorBridge provides high levels of user guidance for SMEs with no knowledge of DITA or XML, and through its unique architecture, it delivers a free-flowing ‘Word-like’ authoring experience, not constrained by the structures of conventional XML editors.

AuthorBridge can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise, using simple file systems, shared repositories such as Git, or integrated with component content management systems (CCMS).

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