Codex 4 DITA editor helps engineers create documentation

VICTORIA, Canada — September 24, 2015

Codex Systems today announced the release of Codex® 4, the latest update of their “DITA editor for engineers,” featuring support for Mac OS X and import of text and images from non-DITA documents. 

Codex enables engineers to create better product documentation, in less time, and for lower cost than with any word processing or desktop publishing application by making the modular DITA open-standard easily accessible to infrequent documentation authors. Despite the perceived complexity of DITA, Codex is surprisingly simple and easy to learn, so much so that Motorola Solutions is using it to teach technical writing at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

"With Codex, our students can focus on learning DITA technical writing, not learning complex software," explains Tomasz Poznanski, Global Customer Documentation at Motorola Solutions Poland.

Codex also streamlines collaboration between engineers and technical writers, a benefit realized by Alpha Technologies, a manufacturer of AC/DC power solutions.
"Instead of working in incompatible tools, now they all work together in DITA," explains Brent McDonald, Software Development Manager.

Codex fully supports DITA 1.2 topics (topic, concept, task, reference, glossary, composite), maps, and bookmaps, and is currently available for Windows and Mac OS X. Codex also includes the integrated MathFlow Style and Structure equation editors by Design Science (licensed separately). Single user licenses of Codex are priced at $299 U.S.

About Codex Systems

Founded in 2010, Codex Systems helps technology companies deliver better product documentation, in less time, and for lower cost. Codex Systems is located in Victoria, Canada.


Adam Kozyniak
Co-founder and CEO
Codex Systems Inc.
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