Stilo DITA Knowledge Series: Critical conversion without fear, November 27 at 9am Pacific

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Join us for the final webinar of 2013 in the Stilo DITA Knowledge Series - Critical conversion without fear, presented by Nicholas Lences, Technical Communications System Architect at Schlumberger.


Nicholas will present an overview of the conversion project he led at Schlumberger that saw them transition from unstructured FrameMaker to DITA for a flagship and critical documentation product that has been in active development for over 15 years.

The documentation size, number of math objects and cross-references, high user expectations, together with all the attributes of unstructured content, defined the necessity for a thorough investigation of all available conversion options. This webinar will examine the few years of analysis, preparation and pre-conversion activities that led to the adoption of Stilo’s Migrate cloud conversion service, covering:

  • Analysis of documentation source and research of available conversion methods
  • Pre-conversion preparation
  • Conversion planning and conversion method selection
  • Conversion execution and management
  • Post-processing
  • Results and statistics

Further provided are tips, lessons learned and a review of the benefits of using Migrate in this particular, highly-challenging conversion project.

Please note: For those that are interested in learning more about how the Migrate conversion service works, there will be a brief 5-10 minute demonstration following on from Nicholas’s presentation.

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