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DITA Tools and more ... NLDITA, April 1 2011

NLDITA Tools 2011 is April 1 2011 in Utrecht, The Netherlands

Hands On presentations of tools and best practices for Authoring, Managing and Publishing DITA content.

We especially invite sponsors and vendors who deliver DITA services and tools to sign in for this day. 

NLDITA Tools 2011 is an excellent opportunity to present your solution to information professionals who are in the decision making process of choosing their information strategy.

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Single-Sourcing Blog

Arbortext and the OT Part 2

It's time for the next installment of the DITA OT in the Arbortext Monster Garage. 

In the first session on Arbortext and the DITA OT (last month), shop coach Mark Giffin from Mark Giffin Consulting, Inc., explained the basics of how Arbortext works with the DITA Open Toolkit.

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In pursuit of the ultimate techCom information architecture

What is the purpose of sorting and organizing topics that goes into a map?

A user finds answers on how to use a product in various ways; by searching the internet, by using the traditional manual, in paper or electronic format etc. A certain user in a certain situation need answers and we, as technical communicators, carefully arrange many answers (topics) in a deliverable (map). The answers in the map are sorted and organized according to some principle. But, why do we sort and organize the topics we have referenced in the map?

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In pursuit of the ultimate techCom information architecture

Do we need a content strategy?

Today, companies must launch products to global markets faster than ever before if they want to remain competitive. R&D organizations within those companies are continuously improving the development processes and ways to produce products to enable this possibility. This means that technical communication teams are also faced with a challenge. The content volume that we must manage is growing and we must be able to in parallel manage content for multiple product configurations and release manuals in shorter time frames using the existing staff.

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Single-Sourcing Blog

Arbortext and the Open Toolkit?

We get a lot of questions about whether you can use Arbortext with the Open Toolkit.  The answer is, "Yes, of course," but any further details are difficult unless you know what the questioner means by that: "Arbortext" is a portfolio of products that includes an editor, multiple publishing engines (for both typical and magazine-quality publishing), a content management system, a styling tool (so non-programmers can create stylesheets), a DTD/configuration tool, a dynamic link manager, and an illustration tool.

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