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In pursuit of the ultimate techCom information architecture

Using subject scheme feature in DITA 1.2 to manage topic resolution

DITA 1.2 includes the new subject scheme feature. I gave a presentation about the subject scheme feature on the 12th STC India conference in New Delhi 13th of November and how it can be used to manage and define the topic granularity. My experience is that many DITA users have problems in defining the size of a topic. How big is a topic? Is it two sentences or 10 pages?

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Joe Welinske

DITA Content at the 2011 Conference for Software User Assistance

DITA is an important interest area at the 2011 WritersUA Conference for Software User Assistance taking place March 13-16 in Long Beach, CA. The conference program is now posted and features the following DITA-related sessions:

Automated Customized Documents with DITA 

A Style Guide for DITA Authoring

DITA Hands-on Computer Lab

What They Won't Tell You About DITA

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Immediate Contract for 6 months+ in NY City for (1) DITA XML information architect and (2) Technical project manager

Please contact me if you are interested for either of these 2 contract opportunities.

(1) DITA XML information architect


(2) Technical project manager


Infosys Software Inc
Land 954 432 5969
Cel 954 260 4051

Single-Sourcing Blog

Recording posted: Webinar -- ROI of XML

In this recorded, one-hour web session we invite you to join the conversation.

If you have information about your company’s product or services that needs to be delivered to customers, whether it’s in print or electronic form, chances are you have heard of XML.

Are you finding yourself in the position of having to explain to others:

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Single-Sourcing Blog

Recording posted: Webinar -- DITA Styling in Arbortext

Last week, Single-Sourcing Solutions held a webinar to talk about best practices for doing DITA stylesheets in Arbortext Styler.

The presentation focused on several key points that contribute to a successful DITA implementation: understanding fall-back processing, using read-only stylesheets, and developing with modular stylesheets.

In case you missed it, you can sign up to view the recording here or, because the event had a live Twitter stream, you can read through the highlights here.

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