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In pursuit of the ultimate techCom information architecture

Are you creating and managing content nobody reads?

Of course you say “no”. But, how do you know if your documentation is read and used (and helps the user)? My experience is that a lot of companies create and manage content that nobody reads. Nobody reads due to two reasons: users can’t find it (even if it is relevant) or because the content is judged to be irrelevant, when skimming the text.

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In pursuit of the ultimate techCom information architecture

How is a topic signaling its content?

The first thing a user does when viewing a topic found in a search system, is not to read it, but evaluate if it contains the answers the user is looking for. How can we help our users determine if the found topic contains the answers? Let’s explore the how, but let’s first take a look at the search process in detail.

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Join us at NLDITA 2011 – 1st of june in Utrecht

Join us at NLDITA 2011 – 1st of june in Utrecht– You will meet and get to know technical authors of product and softwaredocumentation, knowledge workers, people from publishing, eLearning and eBookdeveloping companys, localization vendors, XML developers and many othersprofessionally occupied with documentation and publication processes.

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In pursuit of the ultimate techCom information architecture

How do you determine the size of a topic?

Well, this subject has been discussed lately in various blog posts (see for example Tom Johnson blog post about chunking). We chunk content in small pieces called topics. To just chunk ad-hoc as you write will most probably lead to a messy environment; especially if several writers co-operate in a content creation team.

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NLDITA 2011 - call for speakers and call for sponsors

NLDITA 2011, the annual conference on DITA and topic based writing. June 1 in Utrecht, The Netherlands, Europe.

Join: Don Day, Doug Gorman, Jang Graat, Yves Barbion, Andy Lewis, Jonatan Lundin, Mollye Barrett, Kristoff van Tomme, Kit Brown-hoekstra and others who are speaking at NLDITA 2011.


We still have slots open for presentations on:

- getting started with DITA

- Metrics and ROI 

- simplifying DITA

- DITA for authors

- use cases, best practices, implementation

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