Astoria Software: Astoria On-Demand

Astoria On-Demand is a fully-web hosted and accessible xml content management solution for content publishing to the DITA standard.  Astoria manages and automates the creation, review, assembly and publishing of technical content, such as technical product information, where content is complex, is re-used, shared and/or re-purposed across multiple langugages and delivery channels. Astoria On-Demand features Astoria’s native xml content repository, automated workflow, remote reviewer features, and document assembly and publishing capability to both print and electronic format.  In addition, Astoria On-Demand delivers robust built-in application functionality for authoring, managing and publishing content to the DITA standard.  

The Astoria On-Demand Workbench® enables content creators such as technical writers a familiar user interface that’s based on the MS Windows file-folder navigation.In particular, Astoria optimized this environment in its featured application support for DITA-based content authoring and management. Technical writing teams take advantage of Astoria On-Demand’s built-in DITA Topic-map structure, working easily and quickly authoring in the DITA information standard. Content is then assembled in final edition for output via the DITA Open Tool Kit.

Astoria ’s core xml content management repository is natively architected to manage xml content as individual content elements separate from a document’s structure. This architecture is very well suited for optimizing the DITA standard's topic-based approach to information authoring and management, and Astoria's granular content re-use model  delivers superior flexibility for the content re-use benefits inherent in a DITA environment.

Astoria's granular approach to managing content elements, combined with the DITA topic-based approach to content authoring, delivers flexibility and cost-efficiencies throughout the content authoring, review, language translation, assembly and delivery process.  Content components are re-used, automated workflow initiates and accelerates the content review process, and content versions and change history are tracked and reported, a beneficial feature for organizations with regulatory and quality review requirements. 









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