Release of XMLmind DITA Converter v2.6.2

XMLmind DITA Converter v2.6.2 (August 18, 2016):

  • The EPUB 3.0 files generated by ditac are now compatible with EPUB 2.0 readers.
  • Several other minor enhancements.

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FREE Webinar about XPLM Publisher: A powerful combination of oXygen XML Editor and Oracle Agile PLM

30 Aug 2016 - 17:00 - 18:00
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1st choice for DITA authoring and content management with Agile PLM: `XPLM Publisher´

XPLM Publisher is an innovative authoring solution and Component Content Management System (CCMS), built to create professional product documentation.

The solution is based on the oXygen XML editor and integrates it with the Oracle Agile PLM system. This provides a perfect union of product development and product documentation.

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Automatically convert DOCX files to DITA

XMLmind Word To XML (w2x) can automatically convert DOCX files to DITA maps and topics.

Because w2x does not leverage MS-Word style names to do its job, you'll get good results out of the box. However, in some cases, you'll have to map a custom MS-Word style (e.g. "CodeSample") to an XML element (e.g. <codeblock>) to get excellent results.

Fortunately, desktop application w2x-app, which comes with new XMLmind Word To XML v1.2, has now a setup assistant including an easy-to-use style mapper (see screenshot below).

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