[WEBINAR] Introducing AuthorBridge: Extending the use of DITA across the enterprise

16 Sep 2014 - 09:00 - 10:00
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Fischer Computertechnik FCT AG: TIM 4.0 ContentManager with DITA

Fischer Computertechnik FCT AG is among the
TOP 100 of the outstanding innovators (2012). The software company situated in
Radolfzell (Lake Constance) produces the authoring system TIM 4.0
ContentManager with DITA to create sophisticated product documentation easily
and gladly.

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In pursuit of the ultimate techCom information architecture

Is Intelligent Content a Good Idea in Technical Communication?

Should technical communicators be designing content so that the right information presents itself to the right person, at the right time, on the right device, and in the right location?

Is it possible? Is this what users want? Read further to discover why I believe that any attempt to design intelligent content in the context of our industry would not only fail, but users would ultimately find such an approach useless. It is important to reflect upon this issue, since what we aim for in the future, informs the decisions we make today. Read more...

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[ARTICLE] 2014 Stilo DITA Knowledge Series: DITA and minimalism

Minimalism from a technical writing and training perspective was first investigated and proposed in the late 1970s by John Carroll and colleagues at the IBM Watson Research Center. It has since evolved and been extended by a variety of stakeholders.

The link between DITA and minimalism (the IBM connection notwithstanding) is not exactly carved in stone but the two complement each other like macaroni and cheese. The macaroni (DITA) provides the infrastructure and model that you need to support the cheese sauce (the minimalist content).

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