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DITA as a Literate Programming Environment

End of the day and I'm waiting forever for my Other Computer to tell me just exactly how wrong I am.  In the mean time, I figured I'd quickly share a little trick.

Literate Programming Defined

Wikipedia does a better job than I ever will so go read the comprehensive definition at To summarize:

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List of organizations using DITA

DITA is being deployed worldwide. If your organization uses DITA, please add to this list. (Log in, select the "edit" tab above, and insert your organization in alphabetical order under the appropriate category below.).

See Case studies for detailed descriptions of representative implementations.

Private sector

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Math Domain Elements

This page contains a list of the elements supplied to implement a DITA math domain.

Body elements

These elements are generally available for use wherever text is allowed.

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Specification Strategies Thread: <xref> text control

It is nearly impossible to talk about what you want to do without at least giving an example of how you want to do it.  Already, the requirements thread has produced three different potential strategies for how to specify some mechanism to control the text substituted by <xref>.  These three initial suggestions are:

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Requirements thread: <xref>

Please use this thread to discuss how you would like <xref> to behave.  <xref> is, in the opinions of some, underspecified.  Please show here how you would like to use it.  We will discuss implementation issues on another thread.

To start:

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