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Master Data Management Takes on Content

Master Data Management Takes on Content

by Jake Sorofman


In many ways, content is beginning to look a lot like data, especially with the rise of XML and component-based authoring and publishing. XML transforms content from flat and monolithic to multidimensional, granular and richly defined — the sort of granular definition that used to be reserved for the information sitting between columns and rows in a database.

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Lone-DITA Tutorial is back online

The Lone-DITA Tutorial is back online at DITA Users.

The website is down temporarily as the Lone-DITA team prepares to move it to servers at DITA Users. In the meantime, the popular tutorial PDF with supporting files in a zipped folder can now be downloaded from DITA Users.

Getting Started with DITA Tutorial from Lone-DITA (PDF).

Supporting files for DITA Tutorial from Lone-DITA (Zip file).

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Creating multilingual manuals as PDF and OnlineHelp with a suite of tools in one package: Adobe FrameMaker 8, WebWorks ePublisher Standard or Enterprise, 'SYSTEC TOOLBOX for® FrameMaker 8 - DITA-Services' incl. multilingual templates for FrameMaker 8 and WebWorks ePublisher.

The DITA Services are plugins as add-on of the TOOLBOX for® FrameMaker 8 (available in English or German):

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Can't get action='flag' to work for conditional text

I'm new to DITA and have been trying to use conditional text in the DITA Open Toolkit.  I can get the 'include' and 'exclude' actions to work with no issues.  When I use the 'flag' action, the conditional text appears or disappears as desired, however, the 'flag' text does not appear.  By 'flag' text, I mean the text that is supposed to be prepended to the conditional text.

I've searched and searched on the web and tried all possible variations of the 'prop' element with action='flag' but I just can't get it to work.

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FLAG , how to create ?

My question is about old questuon.
I am sending my files in oder to create a flag.,
I created the file c:\teste.bmp to use.
I am sending my files to you analize.
If someone interests, I send the files. Thanks Focus Areas: BPEL | DITA | ebXML | IDtrust | OpenDocument | SAML | UBL | UDDI
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