Archive - May 8, 2008


Resources for Beginners with the DMM

Michael Priestley of IBM and Amber Swope of JustSystems have prepared a Q&A about the DITA Maturity Model that will help you to understand it and get started.

DITA Maturity Model Q&A.


Installing OT on the Mac

The DITA Open Toolkit User Guide devotes a lot of attention to Windows
and Linux but gives Mac OS X scant attention. The brief Mac installation section on page 58 simply says

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Troubleshooting specialization

The DITA Troubleshooting specialization creates a new topic type that is well-suited for problem-solution information. This topic type is based on the generic DITA topic type, and is based on the OASIS DITA standard.

The Troubleshooting specialization should be placed in the \plugins directory of the Open Toolkit. You should run ant -f integrator.xml on the command line from the toolkit root directory after unzipping the package. This will properly "integrate" the package.

Download the DITA Troubleshooting plug in here.

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OASIS DITA specialization subcommittees

The Charter for the OASIS DITA Technical Committee states, "The TC may consider the creation of subcommittees where there is an immediate interest in developing specialized extensions, but it is also anticipated that such extensions could be adopted locally and informally within specific information exchange communities."

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