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DITA Tools Survey

DITA News is conducting a tools survey, seeking comments pro and con on almost all the tools listed at

The survey begins with a profile of your tech publications group to calibrate the results.

Please download the survey form here.

You can Preview your answers as many times as you want, and print out your entries for the record, before you Submit the form.


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New XML Authoring and Component Content Management Report Provides In-Depth Product Reviews

Component Content Management (CCM) technology allows enterprises to manage text content as "componentized" chunks of information rather than whole documents or web pages. It has become increasingly important to modern enterprises, especially given the rapid emergence of the DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) standard. However, CCM technology remains largely the domain of a wide collection of smaller software vendors targeting narrower use cases, according to research from CMS Watch, a vendor-independent analyst firm that evaluates content technologies.

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ANN: Online "gas saver" Training (DITA, topic-based authoring, FrameMaker/XML, XMetaL, WebWorks, and more)


Do you need training? Are travel costs keeping you away from learning opportunities? Go green with Bright Path Solutions.

In an effort to combat increasing fuel and travel costs, Bright Path Solutions offers an alternative. Announcing our online "gas saver" training. Save time. Save money. Save gas. Learn stuff. Go green.


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