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DITA Tools from A to Z

Authored by Bob Doyle, this article was published in the April 2008 issue of Intercom.

The article contains an overview of the key features of DITA tools: authoring tools, management tools, and publishing engines. Especially noteworthy are the matrixes which compare features -- including price -- of DITA editors and DITA content management systems (CMS).

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eComPress - a powerful alternative to PDF for distributing tech reference docs

The online Help DITA Infocenter was built because the PDF and HTML versions of the DITA Language and Architectural Specifications were just too awkward to use for constant reference.

The DITA Infocenter got good reviews. Many users said that the great indexing and search in the Eclipse Help interface really makes it easy to find your way around the hundreds of DITA Specification pages.

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