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Free Tickets and Discounts to June Conferences

DITA Users is holding a lottery for free tickets to major conferences featuring DITA next month, including:

  • the Gilbane Conference on Content Management Technologies conference June 18-20 in San Francisco, CA
  • the X-Pubs conference June 22-24 in London, England
  • the new DocTrain Life Sciences conference June 23-26 in Indianapolis, Indiana

These free tickets are worth from 384 British Pounds to $999 and are an exclusive benefit for paying members of DITA Users. See Why Join DITA Users.

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STC Intercom Magazine, DITA Issue

The April 2008 issue of STC's Intercom magazine is packed with interesting articles about DITA. The contents can be found here:

Whilst some of the articles are acccessible only by members, the STC have kindly made an article about DITA & Wikis freely available:


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About: The Semantic Technologies Conference

Fresh from the Semantic Technologies Conference, which was flat-out inspiring. People are solving real problems in powerful new ways.

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DITA, DocBook and the Art of the Document

While a remarkable amount of both ink and electronic bandwidth have been expended upon the use of XML in the data realm, there are times where it is necessary to step back for a bit and look at what and where XML is being used today. One thing that becomes obvious when studying the XML landscape is that a significant amount of XML is still being used for purposes of describing narrative, for telling a story, advising people in the use of a product, structuring reports, and doing other things that focus more on documents than they do on data.

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generating web html output at chapter level

Hi there,

 I would like to get an overview of how to generate web html output in chapter level by feeding a ditamap as input. The input file will have multiple chapters in it with multiple topic references and I want generate multiple html output with toc in each html at the chapter level. Current DITA OT produces output in topic level with individual html files along with toc in a seperate html file.


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