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What is the most commonly used DITA editor?

Anything else you can tell me about peoples favorite DITA editing tool would be appreciated, like how many organisations use it.

Thanks in anticipation. 

DITA Specialization by Example Futures


Future work on specialization by example should enable new features of DITA 1.2, add new output, and enable property policies.

Potential future work includes the following list:

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DITA Specialization by Example Representation


A specialized DITA type map represents a vocabulary module.

The type map expresses inheritance, containment, and membership as special relationships between the reference topics that define types, sets, and properties. An equivalent specialized map defines a type shell with references to the component modules of the shell.

Type map example

The following example provides an excerpt from the type map for the DITA task module.

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DITA Specialization by Example Design Examples

Design examples

Design examples can define specialize elements, defined sets, restrict attributes on specialized elements, and define attributes.

Definition of specialized elements

Design examples use global attributes to define specialized elements and their content. An example element can specify a specialized element (using the dbexName attribute) and a position within a specialized container element (using the dbexOccurs attribute).

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DITA Specialization by Example Pipeline


The model and examples are processed in stages.

The pipeline has the following stages:

Implements a specialized module by mocking up an annotated document instance of the base module.

A shell for the mockup is generated internally.

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