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Tagsmiths, LLC

Tagsmiths helps writing organizations make the transition to writing and publishing in DITA. They have extensive experience providing the following services:

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DITA-OT 1.4.2 Release

DITA Open Toolkit version 1.4.2

DITA-OT 1.4.2 was released April 30, 2008. Version 1.4.2 is a maintenance release which includes primarily bug fixes, along with a few small patches and enhancements.

An earlier Milestone build of DITA-OT 1.4.2 was released on March 20, 2008.

The 1.4.2 release was followed by a release; release notes for that are available here: DITA-OT Release

Release Notes

Release 1.4.2 comes in three versions:

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Using DITA Content for Learning Content Development presentation

John Hunt, DITA Architect in the Lotus Information Development Center at IBM and DITA Learning and Training Content Specialization SC chair, presented Using DITA Content for Learning Content Development. His presentation will be available with audio below, including his live demonstration of creating, assembling, and delivering topic-based learning and training content, delivered both as a SCORM-compliant package and as simple XHTML.

DITA Version Compatibility Table

Following a suggestion by Kay Whatley, DITA News has begun to collect the current DITA version compatibility for all DITA-related tools.

A preliminary table reports which tools are DITA 1.0, which 1.1 (or both 1.0 and 1.1), etc.

The URL for the Version Compatibility Table is

DITA vendors who have been contacted are listed in the Tools A-Z section of DITA News, where you will find links to the tool vendors


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Bob Doyle

Help with DITA Tools Survey?

We are preparing the first of an annual survey of DITA Tools, based on the tools listed on DITA News Tools A-Z.

We will post the survey to six DITA-related communities,

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