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SCHEMA ST4 is a standard software application which you can use to create, organize and produce product information efficiently and securely. SCHEMA ST4 covers the full range of requirements and manages pre-sales information such as catalogs, as well as post-sales documents such as product documentation, training documents and contract texts.

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DMM Usage and Copyright Information

Introduction to DITA Maturity Model
Level 1: Topics
Level 2: Scaleable reuse
Level 3: Specialization and customization
Level 4: Automation and Integration
Level 5: Semantics on demand
Level 6: Universal semantic infosystem

The DITA Maturity Model is governed by the Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike Creative Commons copyright license.

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Self on Help

DITA Help Forum at WritersUA Conference

Last week at the WritersUA Conference in Portland, I chaired a "Developing Help with DITA" forum alongside Alan Houser, Matthew Ellison and Scott Prentice (all on the DITA Help Sub Committee). There was a lot of interest from delegates (the majority of whom are Help authors) in using DITA, although most are only 'testing the water'.

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DITA Maturity Model Reference Table

The following table provides an overview of the maturity levels and key adoption points.

For a higher resolution copy of this reference table, download the PDF.

Reference Table

Plugins for the DITA Open Toolkit

Plug-ins for the DITA Open Toolkit

The following plug-ins are freely available for use with the DITA Open Toolkit. If you have plug-ins that are publicly available, please add them to this list.

A recorded demo of how to create a plugin is available here (approximately 1 hour):

Extension points for DITA-OT Plug-ins are described in greater depth here: DITA-OT Plug-in extensions

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