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DITA and wiki hybrids - they’re here

Lisa Dyer and Alan Porter presented at last week’s DITA Central Texas User Group meeting, and both told tales of end-user doc written and sourced in DITA, with wikitext in mind as an output. About 20 people attended and we all enjoyed the show. I wanted to post my notes to follow up, and I’ll post a link to slide shows as well.

This post covers Lisa Dyer’s presentation on a wiki sourced with DITA topics. I’ll write another post to cover Alan’s presentation.

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Short Descriptions for Tasks

What is a good short description for a task?

Some of the short descriptions indicated as "good" in the class assignments simply restated information that was in the short description of the related concept. The task's short description may have been written differently and in the imperative, but it was redundant information.

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Self on Help

"Airplane Help"

"Airplane Help" describes a technique whereby locally installed Help and server-based Help are integrated, so that a software application user is presented with server Help if he or she has an Internet connection, or local Help if not. The advantage of this approach is that the most current version of the Help is displayed if possible, but at least some form of Help is displayed when the user is "offline". Can DITA play a role in delivering Airplane Help?

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UCSC DITA XML Intro course - assignment 2 - results with comments

Assignment 2: DITA authoring


  • Review the presentation at
  • Read section 3.1 of the DITA 1.1 architectural specification:
  • Read the description of <shortdesc> in the DITA 1.1 language specification:


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JustSystems Makes DITA Maturity Model Available as Free Web Download

JustSystems announced the “DITA Maturity Model” is now available as a free download. Co-authored by JustSystems and IBM experts, the DITA Maturity Model defines the industry’s first graduated, step-by-step methodology for successfully implementing DITA. 

The DITA Maturity Model divides DITA adoption into six levels, each with its own required investment and associated return on investment.

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