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IBM Unveils Software to Help Clients Manage Content, Process and Compliance

IBM today announced new Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions that are designed to help organizations achieve greater business agility and workplace effectiveness.

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Call for Speakers: CMS/DITA NA 2009 Conference

The CIDM and Dr. JoAnn Hackos ask you to consider bringing your best practices to the upcoming Content Management Strategies/DITA North America conference.

We invite you to share your experience building a content management solution in your organization, collaborating with content producers throughout your organization (training, support, engineering, documentation), delivering content in new media, using wikis and blogs to communicate with internal and external customers, and managing change. Management and technical topics are both welcome in the program.

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Mylyn WikiText targets OASIS DITA

Wiki content has become increasingly popular within the DITA community, as evidenced by the recent announcement of the DITA2Wiki open source project. While most of these projects enable DITA-to-wiki conversions, community interest has been expressed for full-cycle wiki-DITA-wiki transformation capability. Mylyn WikiText hopes to close this loop with the addition of its support for DITA output. Mylyn WikiText can now create OASIS DITA as output from wiki markup.

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DITA: It's Just XML

Over on the Really Strategies blog I've posted about the fact that DITA, while it has lots  of cool features that get a lot of us very excited, DITA can also be applied to the simplest applications. Because DITA, by dint of its unique features as a standard XML architecture, has the lowest possible cost of both initial implementation and long-term ownership, this makes DITA a compelling  business choice simply because it saves money and time relative to almost any other alternative you might choose.

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Introduction to DITA

Presentation given by Kristen James Eberlein at DITA TECHCOMM 2008.

"New to DITA? This session will include a technical overview of DITA, as well as information about its history and why it is the XML authoring and content-management standard of choice for so many companies. Expect to leave the session with an understanding of both the key concepts of DITA and what it promises in regard to increased productivity and cost savings."

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