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Stilo teams up with STMicroelectronics to share practical experience of DITA

Presentation takes place at DITA Europe 2008 on November 18th

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Boston, MA, USA
29 Oct 2008 - 23:33 - 1 Nov 2008 - 01:00
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Design for implementing OASIS Item 12026

What user need will be met by this feature?

Users can define various glossary entries which serve as specific terms or acronyms. Such glossary entries will be expanded to appropriate form according to the context automatically.

What is the technical design for the change?

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OASIS Forms DITA for Technical Standards Subcommittee

Members of the OASIS Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) Technical Committee have formed a new "DITA for Technical Standards Subcommittee" to enhance DITA for use with standards development and publishing. This would enable DITA to be used as 'A Standard for Standards'. The purpose of this Subcommittee is to further the capabilities of the OASIS DITA standards to define, maintain, and promote the use of DITA for the creation, maintenance, and support of technical standards specifications.

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tcworld conference 2008: empolis:Content Lifecycle Suite Version 3.4 provides plenty of new functionalities

(pressebox) Gütersloh, 14.10.2008 - At the tcworld conference 2008, empolis will provide insight into the newest empolis:Content Lifecycle Suite (e:CLS) version 3.4. The component content management system was expanded considerably in the area of rendition support and authentication.

About e:CLS

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