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DITA TC FAQ about keys

The OASIS DITA Technical Committee has realized that parts of the DITA 1.2 specification do not unambigiously cover important questions about keys. We offer the following FAQ items in advance of an DITA 1.2 errata:

Q1: Given multiple key definitions, how does a processor determine which key definition is effective?

Q2: What should rendering tools display in the place of elements which have a keyref attribute?


Q1: Given multiple key definitions, how does a processor determine which key definition is effective?


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In pursuit of the ultimate techCom information architecture

Why Should Technical Communicators Avoid Target Group Analysis?

How do you know that the method you’re using to identify user tasks, such as Target Group Analysis, actually leads to the information users need? This article shows why such analysis is dangerous thing, and suggest an alternate solution.

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TIM 4.0 live auf der DITA Europe Conference 2014 18.-19.11.2014 in München

Radolfzell, 18. November 2014

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Xeditor, the web-based XML-editor

Xeditor promises easy, intuitive and economic creation of structured content. With XML you have the data format of the future ensuring content re-use and process automation. Xeditor offers a high-end architecture with numerous connectors for a seamless integration into your system environment. 


Intuitive, user-friendly interface similar to MSWord

Intelligent real-time validation

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IXIASOFT Unveils Enhanced CCMS: DITA CMS 4.0

IXIASOFT releases DITA CMS 4.0 offering new and improved features that maximize usability and performance


Montreal, Canada, November 4th, 2014 – IXIASOFT, a global leader in the component content management systems (CCMS) marketplace, officially announced today its latest product release: DITA CMS 4.0 – the newest version of its native DITA component content management system. Documentation teams using DITA across the globe can benefit from the enhanced usability features and boosted performance now available in DITA CMS 4.0. 

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