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DITA TC FAQ about keys

The OASIS DITA Technical Committee has realized that parts of the DITA 1.2 specification do not unambigiously cover important questions about keys. We offer the following FAQ items in advance of an DITA 1.2 errata:

Q1: Given multiple key definitions, how does a processor determine which key definition is effective?

Q2: What should rendering tools display in the place of elements which have a keyref attribute?


Q1: Given multiple key definitions, how does a processor determine which key definition is effective?


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Kleid-Stress abgewendet

"Eine verzweifelte Frau sein" deren Brautkleid nicht rechtzeitig ankamen wie versprochen, haben in einem schönen Kleid

Dank der Freundlichkeit von wildfremden Menschen geheiratet kleidung für hochzeitsfeier.

Lerae Barrett befahl ihr Traum-Hochzeitskleid auf einer Internet-Website mit Wochen vor April 12 Hochzeit zu schonen.

Das Unternehmen kaufte sie das Kleid aus - sah, wie es Australier war, aber tatsächlich in China - Lerae ihr $377 Kleid

versprach war ankommen würde zwischen 23. März bis 30.

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In pursuit of the ultimate techCom information architecture

How Do We Predict User Questions?

Technical communicators are faced with pressure to escape the book paradigm; the traditional book-like manual that is leaving customers frustrated in their inefficient pursuit of information. I make the case that technical communicators are answering user questions, and that instead of organizing information into books, we should provide search aids to make answers easy to find.

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LG Isasi FL per il Giappone di perdite in rosa con specifiche a rimorchio

Il prossimo grande annuncio che attende il mondo tecnologico Android è Google Nexus 6, che sarà reso nuovamente da LG (finora). Tuttavia se uno ha bisogno di ottenere puntatori quanto a ciò che un Nexus fatti LG dispositivo ha da offrire, uno ha bisogno di guardare oltre l'ultimo smartphone di LG G series. Andando da questa logica, che ha storicamente dimostrata di essere corretto, Nexus 6 sarebbe basato fuori il G3 di LG. Ma come facciamo a sapere cosa avrebbe offerto il G3 di LG? Che è dove interviene linea Isai di LG.

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Michael Priestley

Of conferences and webinars on lightweight DITA and such

First a link to the presentation on DITA and marketing content I co-presented at Intelligent Content:


And then a heads-up that I'll be giving a more detailed overview of lightweight DITA at a webinar on May 14th:


And finally, I'll be presenting at the Congility conference in the UK June 18-20. You can get 30% off the registration by using this code:


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